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Reviews for "Preemptive strike"


Hey man, like the tune alot. The drums do get quiet, but meh. I still liked the programming to them. They seeded well with the tune.

I wasn't a huge fan for when you panned the rhythm to one side and rocked a solo on the other. Just a listening preference is all, so no fault there. It just seemed to bring the music down in volume. But since you are panning...you should pan two of the same rhythm tracks...one way on the right, then replay it and pan that one way to the left. Then you can crush, with leads right down the middle. Anyways, overall, I still liked it.

Thanks for your vote, Bad-Man-Incorporated! You voted 5 for Preemptive strike, keeping its score at 5.00.

jdh504 responds:

Thanks for the review man, I'll have to keep that panning the rhthym tracks on both sides thing in mind. The drums were probably so quiet cause I'm just trying to keep the audio so that none of it screws up...lol I probably need to get a new recording software or something...but thanks for the review man, really appreciate it.

((VOTED 5))

Really nice song dude. You definantly got a talent for the guitar. The drums were pretty good. The guitar and drums flowed really smoothly together and made a great mix. Just to make this song even better you should add more too it like a second guitar for the background. But its still awsome the way it is. Good job.

jdh504 responds:

Thanks a lot for the review, I really appreciate all the kind words man. I'll be sure to check out some of your music.


Very cool, but I think that the insturments other than the guitar should have been louder. The symbals started out perfect, and then went almost silent, along with almost all of the other insturments. Well done, though.

jdh504 responds:

Yeah, I tend to not exactly get the drums at a high enough level, usually turn the cymbals up in sections like that so that they get heard, but normal drum sections I keep at normal so that it doesn't screw up the guitar sound which it tends to do when the drums are too loud. Thanks for the review man, I really appreciate it.


That one was nice. Pretty kick ass actually. I liked the part where the slow toms come in. Has something from Atreyu.

The solo part wasn't my cup of tea though, the panning was hella strange there. Also, the solo could have been a little more boob on but I assume it was more improvised then planned. ;D

The mix also could have been a lot better but seeing that we all can't have studio equipment, this was ok.

Anyways, kick ass riffings and overall enjoyable to listen to. Keep at it!

Thanks for your vote, DarKsidE555! You voted 5 for Preemptive strike, raising its score from 4.55 to 4.58.

jdh504 responds:

Thanks a lot for the review man, I actually have an updated version I'm gonna put up on here that you can hear the drums on more, and the panning during the solo isn't as weird. Yeah, the solo was pretty much thought up on the spot, not the kind of soloing I usually do, but I thought I'd give it a shot. Anyways, thanks a lot for the review man, expect an updated version on here sometime soon, I really appreciate it.

Starts off pretty good

The opening sounded excellent (except the overall neutrality in volume), maybe there should be a crescendo into where the song actually starts. The riffs got a little repetitive, so just spice it up with a few crazy runs. The drums could do some fancy inserts, too.

To summarize; dynamics are your friends, and don't repeat too much. This song has on overall great starting platform, it just needs some tweaking and toppings. Hoping for an updated version! (yes? Some vocals maybe? you may need to drag it out more for that though)

jdh504 responds:

I know what you mean about being repetitive, at first, I just planned on recording just the main riff and like 2 other riffs, and basically leaving it as a loop. But I decided to make into a song, I can see how it's very repetitive though. I might put up an updated version, I know there's a good bit that needs fixing as you said, now the vocals I definitely can't guarantee being that I'm not a vocalist, and I'm not really one to ask others to do vocals, I don't even have lyrics for the song...but thanks for the review man, hopefully there'll be an updated version on here sometime soon.