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Reviews for "Strawberry tart"

Pretty cute

That looks delicious

What's next, Turkish Delights? The Culinary Arts has claimed another victim, again.

Personally, this is my favourite piece of yours so far. It's just so refined and well-executed in many respects.

It has your characteristic soft shading and warmer colouring that you get in the Andrea portraits. It's so attractive: the pink/peach hues of her skin in particular really pop out over the neutral blue, brown, and grey of her clothes/hair. Don't know if it's what you're going for as an online maker of anime-style paintings, but it reminds me somewhat of impressionist portrait artists like Berthe Morisot.

Your use of line is so sensitive and careful, with all the gentle, subtle curves and arcs of her body drawn out and spaced apart with such perfect spatial balance. All the forms in your paintings of Andrea are so soft, so gentle on the eye. Again, it may be a far-afield comparison, but this aspect of your work reminds me a bit of Morisot, or Degas' paintings of ballerinas.

Something I really like in this piece is how you accomplish all these things down to such small details: her slightly dynamic body posture, leaning over and with her cape flowing; the sensuous lines along her hands as they lie in special gestures; the curls and flows in her hair; etc.

A final note is that, while a lot of your stuff is NSFW and kind of overt, I really like how subtle and low-key erotic this piece is. It lets you focus more on the endearing features of Andrea's appearance rather than getting lost in the simple arousal of seeing breasts or whatever. It also lets you make the piece more intriguing, more enticing by filling it with little suggestive details that wouldn't work in a fall nude piece: the juice dripping from the tart onto her hand, her sucking on her finger, the bold red of the strawberries, her half-closed eyes making her seem lost in pleasure, etc.

All in all, a really excellent painting. You have a lot of talent!