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Reviews for "[e99] deuterium"

Loving the atmosphere behind the piano, like the pads sort of blending with the decay of the piano, very nice. Not sure if theres some hidden reverse piano samples in there too but whatever it is, its sweet.

The piano itself is nice. My personal flavour is to put the foot down on that pedal that kind of muffles the sound, dunno if all pianos have that, but it always sounds so nice, especially on quieter bits, then use the fuller sound of the piano on the louder bits. That would be my only tweak but it's more of a personal flavour thing.

Your drums are nice, gives it a good continuation and flow without disrupting the rhythm of the piece. Actually makes it hypnotic! Your snare was cool too, fits well.

WOW!!! The track just finished! Dude, the whole thing was so seemless! Had no idea 4 minutes just went by. Very cool man.

This could definitely extend into an 8+ minute piece. Has a similar continuation to it as Deadmau5 minus the electronic elements.