Reviews for "A Breeze From Home (Aydin's Remix)"

This is an ABFH remix contest judge's review.

The ambience you've created with this is so ambient, and quirky, and playful. I feel like I'm chasing after a field of diamonds in the sky with the synths you've used, and that image is so vivid in my mind from listening to this. You've been imaginative with the stems, I see -- splitting them, speeding them up, seemingly making a pretty tight hip-hop beat out of it -- seriously, I could see rap vocals to it even if it has a Future Bass sound to it, but it stands pretty alright on its own.

There's something that is both relaxing and delightfully engaging about this. I find it a masterful thing to do, when someone nails two feelings at once with a song, two feelings that follow through from start to end and don't leave the listener in conflict. The song itself feels like a love letter, smooth like butter and easy on the ears from start to end.

I don't think I have complaints with the mixing; it was just as playful as the actual song and I probably wouldn't have done things differently.

All the best in the competition!

Has a Future Bass sound to it but it sounds somewhat softer at the same time. Was not expecting to hear this genre in the contest, surprised me, lol.

The vocal mixing was quite creative, the rhythm itself makes me think of a rainy day and relaxing at home. I like it.

Best of luck in the contest!

Aydin-Jewelz123 responds:

Thank you dude. Originally I was going to future it up all the way but the piece itself just shaped into something softer, especially given the context & feel of the original itself, it just fit better into a chill track. I usually start a remix with a theme in mind, then just let myself get carried into wherever it goes. Usually works out better than trying to force it into a specific genre, although I guess it depends on the flexibility of the contest, which in this case they let us do pretty much what we wanted :)

Future bass is one of the hardest genres of music to produce. I would know because I actually tried to create it once. I have never uploaded it because of reasons but I suggest adding a few more supersaws layered in with the bass part of the future bass, just to give it the right feeling of a drop, rather than a random experiment in a song that doesn’t match the rest of it. The supersaws would fix this. I get it’s a remix but this is just my suggestion. I like the way you chopped up the vocals - it worked quite well in the song. Speaking of which, the whole thing is kind of empty as a whole and I can’t figure out why.
Not sure how I feel about the name change. For years you have been jewelz but you kept that and added aydin and added some i’s for separation? Seems confusing. Maybe remove the i’s and the jewelz123 and put “AKA Jewelz123” in the description? That could work nicely. Glad to see you’ve returned! Hope to see you improve!

Aydin-Jewelz123 responds:

Thanks for the suggestions dude. Yeah I had it quite cluttered right up till the mixing then chopped it down and it did feel a bit emptier as you said dude. I chopped out a lot of percussion and random sounds which werent tidy but filled the space. Ended up with a cleaner mix but lost the energy and didnt really figure out a way to get it back / fill it.

Will try out more layers next time round.

Really a new genre to get grips with and I often find myself veering off into random bits rather than sticking to the genre as I did with Dubstep.

As for the name, I bugged it up! I really wanted Aydin (Jewelz123), and the font on my screen made i look like a vertical line so I thought to use them to separate the two but botched it majorly. Need to wait a month and then I can change it back or tweak it like you said, with AKA.

AydinDubstep was the name I ran with on YouTube so dropped the Dubstep bit and now it's just aydin. But here Jewelz123 was my jam. Was a throwaway name at the time but I never changed it.

Sorry dudes!

Thanks for the lengthy review dude and you should upload your future bass dude. Nothing to lose and you could get feedback etc.

Would happily check it out although I'm not quite there in terms of sound design for the genre either..

Got a nice balance of light and airy electronica with some breakbeat elements in there. It's definitely giving me chill vibes, so good on you for that.

Aydin-Jewelz123 responds:

Thanks for checking it out and for the feedback dude! :)

very cute :3
I'd just add more spice and energy to the drop, because it doesn't really stand out from the breaks, and also it feels kinda empty, but on the other hand I feel it's this who gives that cute ambiance. Pretty solid overall !

Aydin-Jewelz123 responds:

Thanks for listening and I appreciate the feedback :D