Reviews for "🎵Five Finger Death Punch - Far From Home (#Rockin'!)"

I saw this.. .and I clicked on it... I saw I'd already 5ved it.
No idea when, but I see I was thinking clearly...
Wonderful cover, man... I was (being 100 with ya) expecting to be let down.
But Mah 5 stars, fav, and this comment says otherwise.
Thanks for making this, and not letting 5FDP down, you did well, man.

AiltonNeto responds:

Oh! Thanks for that comment my friend :)

Good one! I like how the voice is recorded. Sounds very neat :)
Keep it tight! \m/

AiltonNeto responds:

Thank You, Aterr! I will keep it :D Stay Awesome and Metal and God Bless you.

I like your version of the cover ... sometimes the best way to sing something is mimic the original - so well done there! A little bit less hard rocking than usual but it's a lovely piece. Instruments and band members on their high level as usual - everything works here...Keep rocking and as always looking forward to more of your quality work (I dare say it is inspiring... this one is also)^^

AiltonNeto responds:

Thank you very very much, my dear friend Mark. It means the world to me if I can help you. <3

Best cover I heard. Awesome Job.

AiltonNeto responds:

Thanks my friend! :)

Very well done cover overall, hope future covers are good as well.

AiltonNeto responds:

Thanks for the feedback, NekoMika :)