Reviews for "Derpcat - Kitty Bomb"

just pure greatness

DerpCatOfficial responds:


Awesome :O

DerpCatOfficial responds:


Welp, you nailed that BK style 10/10.

It also sounds lit AF. 10/10.

DerpCatOfficial responds:


This is absolutely sick. The idea you have here makes me wanna headbang and party. The combination of phat bass and orchestral elements is great.

You need to work on the composition side. Many of your transitions are weak, the drop comes out of nowhere, the initial drop section bass melody is a little weird, and there's lots of small details that could use touching up.

The mixing is pretty good.

Overall awesome work. This song genuinely inspires me to make something similar because the idea is so cool. But don't get complacent. Keep working hard and you'll go far in a few years , only if you keep practicing.

DerpCatOfficial responds:

heck ye dad

That first drop wasn't what I was expecting. XDDDDD