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Reviews for "Derpcat - Kitty Bomb"

do you play gd? lol

DerpcatOfficial responds:

i am

The overall sound and idea of this song is great. My biggest complaint is the lead to the drops. I don't feel like there was enough. The first one came out of nowhere. The second one, while it did have a lead up, it felt like there wasn't enough. It didn't hit the peak I was looking for.

Still a really cool song. You almost nailed it.

DerpcatOfficial responds:

lmao thx btw it wasnt really a serious song kinda joke or ripoff XD

00:29 - my cursor hovering over 5 stars.
*Drop came*
00:31 - *rate+fav+follow

DerpcatOfficial responds:


killer queen is already in your eye

Guess im late?

(Better than any of BK's songs tho)

DerpcatOfficial responds:

lmaoo thanks XD <3