Reviews for "Eiffel tower goes MAD!!!!"

Dear lord, u just made ur best fan

OMG! that is my all time favorite disturbed song, i'd tell u i loved you, but that's just wrong, i'm looking forward to some more flashes like this with some mroe of thier music, if u could take the time out of oyur day/s to do so, i guarantee a 5 from me :), thank you for your time,


johnm831 responds:

Thanks, I might be able to do a better job if I try to make another one now. Any requests for the next song?


So it isnt the most well drawn flash, but its very funny/odd.

johnm831 responds:

Thanks, thats all I really wanted, for people to think it's at least a little bit funny. My drawing on Flash is usually alright 'cause I use the auto-curving/straightening feature, but I just couldn't draw that damned eiffel tower.


thats so dumb it's stupid... once you try and do a serious movie you'll be stunned at how hard it is...

johnm831 responds:

hey dude, I know. I only got flash about a week ago. I'm still a n00b. I'm still learning. One day soon I will start a 'serious animation' and it will be hard, but I'm just not quite good enough yet. Thanks for the good mark.


Pretty nice graphics. I liked the look of the truck at the beginning. The overall idea that I gathered was that the Eiffel Tower is cool, but how could you make it even cooler? Make it come alive. I liked it. Keep it up.


johnm831 responds:

Thanks. I might do some more work in it to make the whole thing come to life more, like adding moving parts to the background photos and stuff. I was quite happy with the way that truck came out, thanks. You are one of the first people to actually leave a helpfull review for this movie, thanks.

good yeah good..

its good i love the sound!! next time you should work on ur graphics ;) but i liked it. n before i go just saying something, it didnt make sense at the end...

johnm831 responds:

What didn't make sense about it?!