Reviews for "Eiffel tower goes MAD!!!!"

Where'd you get that rock, man!?

Give me the name of the song! I NEVER hear that kind of shit on the radio!

johnm831 responds:

Down with the Sickness - Disturbed

Pretty good for bground music in animations like this


The only reason I gave sound a huge 10 was because it was by Disturbed and they are the coolest band in the world. Other then the music, the video was pointless.

johnm831 responds:

Thanks, that's what I was going for.

Bad idea

You need to come up with a better concept than the eiffel tower flying around.... it's just retarded.

johnm831 responds:

Yah. What happened there was that I couldn't think of anything good. I was gonna do some complex plot about a serial killer in Paris, but once I'd drawn the Eiffel tower, I just couldn't resist putting a little rocket at the bottom and making it fly.


Strange storyline... But its not 70kb.. its more in the range of 200

johnm831 responds:

Yeah I know, sorry about that, I'll update it later.


This wasn't very good. The graphics wern't all that great, the whole plot was terrable. Try making one where the french keep nukes inside the tower and launch em at Britain or some shit like that

johnm831 responds:

Shhhh!! You don't wanna put ideas like that in their heads :P