Reviews for "Eiffel tower goes MAD!!!!"

Nothing special.

Music was good though. Maybe you could develop it a bit, better graphics and so on.

johnm831 responds:

I made this animations in about 2 and a half hours, it was a real rush job. I will spend more time on it though. Expect to see a version 2 with better graphics later.

Malachi Hand entry 01

elolh ami odg. Het oievm asw orbelirh utb het uicsm asw odog. Lsaa, ouy rea nxeinecdearpei utb i aevh athif ni ouy. Het yee si acignhtw.

johnm831 responds:

gotcha, thanks.

keep improving.

This animation didn't really make sence but I like ho you used photos.I gave it a 2.

johnm831 responds:

I never really understood why people would spend ages reconstructing an environment only to end up with something that was crap...just use photos. Cool. Abstract. Original. Thanks.


That felt weird!
Music was good !

johnm831 responds:

Thanks, I was aiming for weirdness. I love that music too.

Low quality, but fun - fair enough

Youl probably agree that the graphics are way below level, you COULD have done a better job. Fair enough though, the flat kind of humor you used as a plot in this movie made up for it. I laughed becouse it made absolutely no sence, and I mean that in a good way.