Reviews for "Eiffel tower goes MAD!!!!"


Strange storyline... But its not 70kb.. its more in the range of 200

johnm831 responds:

Yeah I know, sorry about that, I'll update it later.

Nothing special.

Music was good though. Maybe you could develop it a bit, better graphics and so on.

johnm831 responds:

I made this animations in about 2 and a half hours, it was a real rush job. I will spend more time on it though. Expect to see a version 2 with better graphics later.

Bad idea

You need to come up with a better concept than the eiffel tower flying around.... it's just retarded.

johnm831 responds:

Yah. What happened there was that I couldn't think of anything good. I was gonna do some complex plot about a serial killer in Paris, but once I'd drawn the Eiffel tower, I just couldn't resist putting a little rocket at the bottom and making it fly.


That felt weird!
Music was good !

johnm831 responds:

Thanks, I was aiming for weirdness. I love that music too.

keep improving.

This animation didn't really make sence but I like ho you used photos.I gave it a 2.

johnm831 responds:

I never really understood why people would spend ages reconstructing an environment only to end up with something that was crap...just use photos. Cool. Abstract. Original. Thanks.