Reviews for "Eiffel tower goes MAD!!!!"

Where'd you get that rock, man!?

Give me the name of the song! I NEVER hear that kind of shit on the radio!

johnm831 responds:

Down with the Sickness - Disturbed

Pretty good for bground music in animations like this


This wasn't very good. The graphics wern't all that great, the whole plot was terrable. Try making one where the french keep nukes inside the tower and launch em at Britain or some shit like that

johnm831 responds:

Shhhh!! You don't wanna put ideas like that in their heads :P


Pretty nice graphics. I liked the look of the truck at the beginning. The overall idea that I gathered was that the Eiffel Tower is cool, but how could you make it even cooler? Make it come alive. I liked it. Keep it up.


johnm831 responds:

Thanks. I might do some more work in it to make the whole thing come to life more, like adding moving parts to the background photos and stuff. I was quite happy with the way that truck came out, thanks. You are one of the first people to actually leave a helpfull review for this movie, thanks.


thats so dumb it's stupid... once you try and do a serious movie you'll be stunned at how hard it is...

johnm831 responds:

hey dude, I know. I only got flash about a week ago. I'm still a n00b. I'm still learning. One day soon I will start a 'serious animation' and it will be hard, but I'm just not quite good enough yet. Thanks for the good mark.


So it isnt the most well drawn flash, but its very funny/odd.

johnm831 responds:

Thanks, thats all I really wanted, for people to think it's at least a little bit funny. My drawing on Flash is usually alright 'cause I use the auto-curving/straightening feature, but I just couldn't draw that damned eiffel tower.