Reviews for "The Link Soap 1"

haha good work

Good animation,It took a funny twist.can't wait to watch the others!

PiGPEN responds:

Im glad you enjoyed King Link.
Can i be knightededed?

good job

i look forward to seeing the ending

((( HAHAHAHA )))

Ok that was entertaining, the buttons seem to just plop down and down, no biggie though it was funny stuff, What might be even better would be instead of sprites, make it in art style, now that would be cool, i mean sprites are easy to just plop right on down but art is just artistic and unique, allthough this was amusing, nice work indeed...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: A true story of original love...


What an improved version!

I really like how you give a choice - though maybe not everyone realizes this unless they are used to your films. It is fun going back and seeing it again to see what happens with the other character. Also, now that I know better, i keep busy with other things until the movie is entirely downloaded. Then there are no problems seeing and hearing it.
The speed is fine now. Thank god! That old one was godawful [see, I can give you a bad crit when you deserve it!]
The new views and camera moves help, too.

well that was weird

uh um okay what version of flash did you use