Reviews for "The Legend of Z'foo: POT"

the animation sucks

but the comedy makes this worth it. fucking hilarious man

For Shizzle

Damn...to put it in what john might say.That flash was the shit.


Wow, the plot was really funny, what if you were thrown into a video game, what would you do? I do not really care about the lack of animation, at least the still drawings looked decent. It is kind of funny, I probably would not of liked the normal version of the song at the end, but it sounded pretty cool when it was sped up... hmm.


that was really funny

i almost fell out of my chair. where the hell did you get that pic of link and the zora chick at the end? hmm pretty werid but over all it was good. keep up the good work

EricSullivan responds:

I got the pic on a hentai site, or course. Where else would I of found it?


the humor was gr8 i actually love the legend of zelda games and i think this was hilarious - graphics could have been better but i guess the corny pictures add to the comic - a seer work of art make another lol - oh and brilliant style