Reviews for "The Legend of Z'foo: POT"


This was a great flash. W/ the aquatic poontang lmao this was great. The pic at the end was disturbing. but funny. good job

Owns! Booyah!

Oh man u gotta make more of these! your idea is killah man, u rock. Awesome stuff. well of course some things are censored to tease us all but itza GOOOOOOOD :D

A must-see, classic and original

That was freaking hilarious....
Ganondorf is fag?
THat is the proof that even the poorest graphics can result on the best movies
"Or wans't? MWHAHAHA! Wanna buy a map?"


HAHAHAHAHA!! damn that was funny,esspecialy the water temple scene and that whit Ganon(lol),however i have one(maybe more)question for you: Where in the fucking hell did find that picture of Link and Ruto? It was horrible and disgusting,i mean could at least censored that shit!?

EricSullivan responds:

If I censored it, it would of taken away from the humor of the picture...
I mean... just look at it! It's hilarious!

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