Reviews for "The Legend of Z'foo: POT"

That was fucking Great! Make more!LMAO!

For one reason I like it is beacause it's unique and Funny as shit, I was smoking a bowl and as I took my hit and I found out that Ganondorf and John, I busted out laughing, and my weed spilt everywhere, now I have to look for it. hahaha...uh..bye

and I like Zelda too so It's fucking awesome

DAMN!!! Funny as hell

Heh, I saw Silent Poon before I saw this one....LOL both are funny as hell, but I'd have to say that I found this movie a little better with the jokes....graphics could've been better but in a way I sort of liked it how it was frame by frame.....fit the way the characters conversed.

Once again, great job by Eric....keep up the good work!!


Haha, i think you have to've actually played Zelda before to understand the humor behind this, and i have, so it was Fuckin funny as hell!

Another Poon Moment

Been awhile since I been to this site, I like the style.

Jewely5 is a bitch!!

Haha I remember this from public school. Me and my friend used to quote it in class all the time. Good times. Love this cartoon.