Reviews for "The Legend of Z'foo: POT"


lol, that was fuckin funny as hell! dood! If you make another one, be sure to try to animate. The animation was the only downside.


that was really funny...the animation was bad..."bend over you big nosed bitch!" that was the funniest part

I dug it.

This was pretty damn funny...the lack of animation just made it even funnier. I enjoyed it. But Zelda has been parodied to death! Not your fault though...and it's a great game for a little movie like this. A good time for the whole family.

Link to the izzo.

That was really great! I agree with your statement that it lacks in animation, but it more than makes up for it in hilarious Zelda parody. Great creative effort that's worthy of the Zelda Parody page.

Disproportionately hilarious

Okay, well, the graphics definitely sucked.

Rest of the movie was hilarious, though. Haven't had to work so hard to restrain myself from laughing in a long time.

Here's a good question, though: if you're badass enough to be playing Master Quest, why would Navi possibly need to tell you how to open a door?