Reviews for "The Legend of Z'foo: POT"


Makes me laugh everytime.
the sound is shit tho you have to turn your volume up really high just to understand what he's saying
but overall good job


Wow, the plot was really funny, what if you were thrown into a video game, what would you do? I do not really care about the lack of animation, at least the still drawings looked decent. It is kind of funny, I probably would not of liked the normal version of the song at the end, but it sounded pretty cool when it was sped up... hmm.



this mutha fucker iz funny az hell

That was fucking Great! Make more!LMAO!

For one reason I like it is beacause it's unique and Funny as shit, I was smoking a bowl and as I took my hit and I found out that Ganondorf and John, I busted out laughing, and my weed spilt everywhere, now I have to look for it. hahaha...uh..bye

and I like Zelda too so It's fucking awesome

For Shizzle

Damn...to put it in what john might say.That flash was the shit.