Reviews for "T.E.O.M. - Grustler (Produced By TheEyeOFMusiK)"

Wow, dope beat, bro.
nice job!
love this ;3

Good Track!

Thank you for using my song! I really like this song. It feels great and the quality is good.

Good work on volume level, for some reason when I make stuff the wavelength never gets that wide. Did you use FL Studio to make this? If you use FL, I would recommend adding an audio spectrum, and posting it on youtube to increase your fanbase.
Melody is flawless, reverb could be upped a bit. I am impressed that this has vocals, although few, since most of the tracks on newgrounds are purely instrumental. 5/5.

Already good beats of remix on the first 3 minutes of that straight #awesome hiphop!

The song is good, the modern hip-hop has growed so much. It's a classic beat-with-disc remix (in my opinion) and it's a great one if you started this album here. Did you create the T.E.O.M album yet? I'll be eager to find out. #leaveareview
#theeyeofmusik #teom