Reviews for "T.E.O.M. - Grustler (Produced By TheEyeOFMusiK)"

Definitely 5 stars and worth a whole lot more, and for it be produced in 2012 shows that the beat has mad longevity and a Timeless feel. Looking forward to hearing the whole album and future works. This beat makes you wanna take on the world ! Great Stuff !

this is a pretty cool track,i can feel the calm yet excited feel to it,like that kind of music when ya show pep prepare stuff for a big showdown or something,that few bit of rapping also add up to this feel of mine,the beat is also on point too,i enjoy it alot.
overall cool stuff that should have youtube version of it.

Respect bro! this goes harrrrrrd

Really loving the instrumental rhythm and beat this track has to offer! Will definitely check out your album!

This beat is awesome dude! Maybe we could collab one day?