Reviews for "T.E.O.M. - Grustler (Produced By TheEyeOFMusiK)"

I've pretty much changed my music preferences, and I've been more into hip-hop these days. Great song man.

already listening to the begining it actually sounds nice


Bro! This beat here is all right. The loop has an addictive feel to it, that doesn't really get boring. Love the vocal sample, as it announces who this beat is about, who it's from and such. Very modern and smooth. I was half-expecting lyrics to get thrown in, but even as an instrumental it's pretty well put together. I feel like there could be more variety with the melody or something, but outside of that it's pretty neat stuff.

Keep following your dreams, whatever they may be.


This is an okay song, the beat is sick, wish there was more of a defined melody tho, but maybe that’s just your style. Gonna listen to some of your other works!