Reviews for "T.E.O.M. - Grustler (Produced By TheEyeOFMusiK)"

Really like the rhythm to this. Sounds like a song you would play while showing off a million dollar house.

I was thrown off by the category, I will say lol. I don't count myself among fans of rap or hip hop, but this piece sits well with me. The reason for the half star off is a slight muddiness - probably due to a lot of reverb, some overcrowding at times, and the drawn out sub bass bits aren't helping the situation. Speaking from experience here - the more reverb you put, the fewer instruments you should have going at any one time, or you risk audio mush. One tip to deal with that sort of problem that I learned about a year or so ago is to *mix in mono*. Yes, mono. Any sort of muddled sound will show up in force when you do that, and fixing it will be a lot easier that way.

Either way, keep up the good work :)

This is so original and cool, i love the chills it gave me. It kind of sounds repetitive in some parts, but as i said, this is very unique.

NIce! your own instruments. really original

This is absolutely wonderful!
It's obvious you spent some time on this.