Reviews for "T.E.O.M. - Grustler (Produced By TheEyeOFMusiK)"

Huh, not bad. For a guy like me who isn't into hip hop [Unless it's like some ol' school "New Jack swing"] I'm truly digging this one. Makes excellent music for work.

Very good song, as others have said, the beats are really good, I quite enjoy it. This could easily have lyrics add to it. but otherwise, still a great song to listen to casually

This sounds like it could sick beats. I can imagine this in a main menu game like "Saints Row". Or in a upgrade menu, pause menu, etc.
You could even put some raps in here. Freestyle.
Overrall, it's a good song. With a good ring. Thanks for recommending.

The sub comes in extremely hard, in the sense it distracts me from the other instruments you got going on. It’s hot its cold, it’s some cool fire you made.

Very nice beat, I found it very comfortable to rap along.
I might contact you later about permission to use your track in a song.