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Reviews for "(Dubstep) Bone Breaker"

When I heard the first beats i was like -Nice, very chill-
Then i heard the main melody and was like -this is awesome but how is he going to translate to dubstep from that?-
Then after the buildup -Oh, this is how he gonna do it!-
And after awhile -Is this all?-

I really like this style even though I wouldn't call it 'real' dubstep. I expected it to be much harder and faster, having more complexity and being more mindfuck overall. In my opinion not everything with those melted sounding beats is dubstep. But i guess that is the problem of my expectations about dubstep and not yours xD

Okay, back to the song. It's really good, keep it up! Loved how chill this felt. Gonna check out your other stuff as well.

Edit: Listened to some of your other stuff. So you decided to keep it simple for this one. Okay. Still think this one could have needed just a bit more.

Kaoikay responds:

Thanks!! I really appreciate your feedback :D


Kaoikay responds:

:) yeah

pretty interesting dude! keep making more music, I wanna see where you go

Kaoikay responds:


must be the best dubstep ive heard!

Kaoikay responds:


It appears I have headbanged too hard, I cracked my neck

Kaoikay responds: