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Reviews for "(Dubstep) Bone Breaker"

i wonder if you will respond to this, if you do hi

I like this a lot, I love the build-up, and I love dubstep in general so I think it was great. Amazing job!

Kaoikay responds:

Hi!!! Thanks you very much!

Hey, 3k listens. 6 times anything I bet get xD

Nice song. To me, the debate seems a little bit like only one bass, it could use a lil variety

Lil Variety is copywrited as a rapper name lol

Kaoikay responds:

Yeah I still don't know how or why have I got this many plays.. it's just luck I guess..
And yeah, I decided to make a simple song this time, I'm working on more complex songs now :)

Love this! Snare is a bit too obvious, and bass on drop could have a liiiitle bit of EQ-ing... but other than that, I love this man :D Keep it up!

Very nice song, Love the drum beats as well as the whole dubstep feel of the song. 5/5

Kaoikay responds:

:) Thx!

Alright, new response:

Song was pretty good, had a great electro component to it...
What’s weird is that the dubstep is hardcore, but for some reason also calms me which is good
The variety is a little low, but actually creates a nice consistency throughout the song

Great track ^-^