Reviews for "aasquared - Saturn V [Melodic Dubstep]"

Absolutely love the tune. What’s the song Id? I’m trying to add it to my geometry dash level but can’t without the song Id. Thanks

lowskillzgd responds:

Thank you!

You can always look at the URL of the song, the numbers on the end of the url is the song Id you are looking for. In this case, the song id is 840910.

Good luck on your level!

Those drums man.. The volume is way too low for me. Like.. WAY TO LOW!

Good Job Man!!!!!!

I really really like this one :000

This is pretty good. The mixing and mastering are pretty solid. Though there are a few minor discrepancies and some noticeable over-repetition, this is a very well-made track. Nice work.

(Sorry I'm a few months late, I found this song by plugging RNG numbers into the audio URL and seeing what I could find haha)

lowskillzgd responds:

oh, haha, thank you!