Reviews for "everything."

I REALLY like that opening. It's so damn chill! I can just see the cup of coffee sitting in the windowsill with this song playing in the background.
I think the silence that follows at 0:33 has too little melodic elements to warrant it being as long as it is.
I'm personally not a fan of the snare you used in the drop, since its sound profile doesn't really with the kick and the chords. I also think the drop kinda lacks in bass frequencies. I think the break at 1:16 comes very sudden, and I think it may actually begin off beat, which is very jarring in terms of the groove. There's also a slight discrepancy between when the chords begin again, and when the impact is at 1:18; they're small details, but they mean a lot in terms of rhythmic unity.
I am a real big fan of the second verse, and here the snare does actually work. I think the section at 2:09 is a bit out of place, though that may simply be because the beat doesn't leave, but slows down.
I think the beat drop at 2:25 is a bit too long. Though I really love the extended chord that follows. The vocals in the breaks are really cool too. The second drop at 2:40 is bloody amazing!
The one part about this track that I cannot stand, however, is the sudden break at 3:55. I understand that some of the choices you made were out of emotional context, but I personally believe that the beauty of masterful production lies in the ability to convey such emotions without having to sacrifice solid song structure and composition. Making music is like telling a story; how do you tell that story if your listeners can't understand a word you're saying?

So, all in all, you're a phenomenal producer, there's no doubt about that. However, I think you went a bit overboard in trying to convey the "complexity of human thought and emotion." The idea and production are solid, but the frequent out of place sections of music and breaks do not allow me to justify my rating this song higher than a 3,5. I hope you understand.

BurneMusic responds:

yeah this track is trash,

Like I really hate this track a lot
And I hate how it got as big as it did
because it's terrible

The human emotion thing is basically just an excuse for shit arrangement but no one seems to care so yea

Oh man this is AMAZING! Sickkk chords dude.

BurneMusic responds:

Thank you so much! :D

The lyrics are dark. I like them that way.

This is great! I was also going to use this song for Osu! It's perfect!

Really Good Song uwu