Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Unicron Part III"

red_d-evil, S T F U

i vote on these movies. this is the best series on NG and i am VERY old school. now lemme ask you some questions, sucka fool. HOW OLD ARE YOU? if you're some 13 year old punk, consider yourself lucky to even be able to browse newgrounds freely cuz there's no way in hell that you are 21 like your profile says. i am 19 and i find everything MrTpug makes funny. why? because i was a kid in the 80's watchin MrT and He-Man and transformers. this stuff brings back memories and makes me feel warm inside, its kids like you that shouldnt be on NG because its not a place for rugrats who want to be tough guys.



That was hella good Sucka, But what about that crazy fool bush??? Did the power of gray skull come through for that sucka, I know it helped in part II, But will he be stuck like that???
Mmmmm It Don't matter that you can't draw, your style works thats all that matters, Remeber to drink plenty of milk, goto youth centers and buy lots of Mr.T cearal.

not as good as pt II which wasnt as good as pt 1

Great none the less...


YESS! I Love the imiges of all the 1980
cherecters you used. You got every1 perfect!
There's not a scean I don't like.
this is a dream cometrue.

YOU ROCK Mr.T pug!!!!

great very funny

lol very funny but you should make a version with all the vids in it