Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Unicron Part III"


hahaha, murdock did something right this time, hahaha. mmm milk.

Gotta love that Mr.T cereal.

Once again Mr.T has saved the world and the universe(with a little help from Hannibal). Now we can all relax with some milk and some greens.

I don't care if you can draw or not!

You are one great Flashmaker.Drawing ability or not.I love your Mr.T movies,and even have you as my top favourite author.Whenever I need a laugh,I can just look at your stuff.
Great work.:)

I laughed, I cried I SHIT MYSELF!!!

I love this series it's got style... put this sucka on the front page!!! 10 fucking 10!!!

Mr.T on the Jazz!

I got no time for yaw Jibba-Jabba, Mr.T finally takes care of bidness and any foo' who disagrees better be ready to say hi to the sky.

Seriously, as good as part one, and better than the less-comical part two by ten fold.