Reviews for "Krowe - GHOSTS"

Sweet shit brah!

Made me nut pretty hard.

Not gonna lie I think it was the title of the song that attracted me to it, but it's some good shit!
Vocal bits are very haunting.

I followed you on Twitter yo!

I really love this :)

KroweMusic responds:

Glad to hear that <3

Ba-by oof-f-f-f haha love the lyrics! Real catchy love the the intensity of it yet it feels so calming. It's hard to explain, but all I know is that I enjoy it :)

KroweMusic responds:

Glad you enjoyed <3

Very smooth and enjoyable! Nicely done ^-^

Loving these chill vibes. Taintedvocals was right about the vocals, they are nice but a tad harsh/piercing.

Sound choice is all on point as well as the mixing and sound placement. The buildup drums in the intro could be improved. When it breaks around 1:30 it would be great to hear the track go into a nice breakdown with an orchestral string and a bass note change to go along with a new variation of that cool arp melody. Then you could tie it all up and bring it back like you did here.

Even though I dont know you, glad you're back! lol take care

KroweMusic responds: