Reviews for "illwillpenis"

mix it up a bit,..

Hey man,
I think this would look alot better if u add a little variety to the background. If the earth spinning is a movie clip,..tween it so that it starts out big and then ends small by the end of the animation. That might help a little.
I look forward to seeing future works.

illwillpenis responds:

it was my first animation, what can I say

Great Movie

This has potential to become great, just work on the animation a little more. I love the song, and most parts of the animation are intune with the words of the song. I'd Recomend voting at least a 4 on this movie, because it's obviously his first movie and it's done pretty good for a newbie. Mabye add some blood and violence. That would make it better. If you need spaceship graphics just search http://www.google.com/ for 3d spaceships. I love how the earth is always moving in the background. This should get the underdog of the week.

illwillpenis responds:

Thanx you helped me a lot with that Review

Awesome Song!!!!!!

But not awesome movie. Needs a bit of work in the drawing department.

illwillpenis responds:

I can't find any good space shuttle animations or else i would have had better graphics.