Reviews for "illwillpenis"

Din't like it

No offense, but it wasn't good. Just the song witch i don't like so...try putting better graphics and better movement. Sound too.

illwillpenis responds:

whut you say

I liked the song

But it needs to be longer. It would have been better if the whole song were there.
Not too bad overall.

illwillpenis responds:


screw it

Lucky it had some Bowie music to support your crappy graphics because I would have given it a 1...

illwillpenis responds:

it was my first animation what can I say

((( HMMMMMM OK )))

Well it was ok, i like the song, and i really liked the earth, it looked very realistic, could have abit more, but overall it was ok...


illwillpenis responds:

this one time in band camp I stuck a flute in my pussy, i love you man, your not gettin my bud light johny, how's your bud light dooby dooby doo, SMOKE KOOL CIGARETTES THEY WILL MAKE YOU KOOL

Funny as hell......

Nice style! It was great how the ship twirled and spun, its so funny. Keep inovating!

illwillpenis responds:

It was my first animation what can I say