Reviews for "Rig - To the Hilt"


as soon as it started i could tell this was going to be good.

Really great piano work. unbelievable song. Defiantly one of my favorites. I don't say that too often. ;)

Rig responds:

Thank you very much! I don't hear that too often either. :-) Most of the sounds I used were from the Nexus plugin, by the way. It's amazing.

good song

you get it man do not stop make your music

Rig responds:

My friend, I will NOT stop make my music for long time. :D

Very good music.

I know I shouldnt ask but could you listen to some of my stuff except for darkness and the dead and all your base belong to us and give me some tips? Id really apperciate it. As for your music, It was kick ass. I like the solo patterns and the beats that run though it tying it together.

Rig responds:

Sure, I'll check your stuff out. Thanks for the review!


i can make better audio then you can and put it on your new grounds pg...not like
this but it will be really cool.

your friend lance. niceaudio

Rig responds:

Well, go for it then :)

Damn you, it's still very nice.

I'll let you know when I find a friend in jail and actually plans to escape and plans to have it filmed, edited and produced into a movie.