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Reviews for "Rig - To the Hilt"


great one, i like your "fight club" theme :) its amazing
keep it up

Rig responds:

You know what? I will! >:(

Yeah, I read your Author comments

and I DL'd it, gave it a five right away without listening to it. I'm good like that.

Rig responds:

Classical techno warms the cockles of my heart.
Thanks for the mindless voting!


To The Hilt Pwns Joo!

Rig responds:


maybe later

not gonna bother listening to this now.
if it's in any way like your other stuff it deserves a 10 so here you go, 10 for you.

just DL and move on to your next one, spend the week listening w/out 'connection prob' popping up. bliss....

Rig responds:

Thanks for the mindless download!


Im surprised no ones left a review in like almost a year, any way, Ive loved this song forever, and you happen to be a hero of mine, as well I thank yo for putting my Dark dreams up on the front page, that meant freaking tons.

Rig responds:

Thanks! :D
And no problem - I loved that song.