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Reviews for "Rig - To the Hilt"

This is on my list of professional quality songs!

VEEEERY nice, this song re-writes my thought of the limitations of ambient sound in music. Screw the lyrics, you don't need them. Pump up the chant sound to match the drums between solos and you have a perfect song.

Keep it up!

Rig responds:

Thanks for the glowing review! I wasn't aware that I had chants or lyrics...did you review the wrong song? :-O


The drums sounded just fine to me, especially the solo. Maybe he had bad speakers or something. The strings got repetative, change it up more, you did it once. The piano is amazing, even though it's a quarter note melody. Good song overall.

Good Bye, Eat Pie,

Rig responds:

Thanks! Yeah, the strings are kinda repetitive. They were actually part of an arpeggio preset thingy I was using. I just whipped this thing up one lazy Sunday.

(And I just had some rhubarb pie. mmmm)

Thanks for your review!

it was ok

the drums were horrible, and for one this doesnt sound like techno at all. at the begining it even sounded like idm, but everythimng other than the drums being to loud and overpowering and sometimes off beat, it was pretty good the melodies and such.

Rig responds:

Well, what genre would YOU place this in? And sorry you found the drums too loud, I'll try to watch that in the future. Thanks for the honest review!


as soon as it started i could tell this was going to be good.

Really great piano work. unbelievable song. Defiantly one of my favorites. I don't say that too often. ;)

Rig responds:

Thank you very much! I don't hear that too often either. :-) Most of the sounds I used were from the Nexus plugin, by the way. It's amazing.

It has that feel to it

with the ambient sounds in the background, the kicking drums and the high synth throughout, it rises and falls very well to create an intense mood.

I'll give it a 5/5.



Rig responds:

Thanks, I tried to do that. It didn't take too long to write this either...about a day.