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Reviews for "Rig - To the Hilt"


10 stars dude, thnx 4 making this -made spatulaman ep. 01 uber cool.
(taking ure advice -gonna learn flash and animate the nxt 1, lol)
but yeah, much love to u and your super-uber music!

Rig responds:

Hey, thanks! Way to be the first person to use it! Can't wait to see the second version of SpatulaMan. :D

Super impressive

This is quite simply a very epic piece you've come up with. I love it, and many more will. :) I'm especially amazed at how well it loops. Well done!

omg dude you are a true artist

dude i sorta hate orchestra and this this my friend this is art you should like sell it to a record company


This is possibly one of the best techno's I have ever heard.
It definitely works for me, and I reckon it it would be very well suited to a fight scene between to old friends. What you think?

This song definitely has some real emotion to it, and I could SO see this being used in many Flash movies (including my own, someday...)

Anyway... kudos, thumbs-up, congrats, and whatever other compliments you want!

Rig responds:

Wow, thanks for the glowing review! Let me know if and when you use it - I'll be glad to make it a better fit for ya. :-)


That's very nice, but I think yo submitted it into the wrong category.

Rig responds:

It has classical instruments in a rock arrangement. Close enough. :-)