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Reviews for "Rig - To the Hilt"

very nice


nuff said.

Rig responds:

Thanks! :D

Very good music.

I know I shouldnt ask but could you listen to some of my stuff except for darkness and the dead and all your base belong to us and give me some tips? Id really apperciate it. As for your music, It was kick ass. I like the solo patterns and the beats that run though it tying it together.

Rig responds:

Sure, I'll check your stuff out. Thanks for the review!

good song

you get it man do not stop make your music

Rig responds:

My friend, I will NOT stop make my music for long time. :D

best bits

1.50- 2.05 the drums did sick shit
2.33 that bass drop was a delightful surprise
theme comes in around .30
i liked the different parts. This would go exellent with a fight, jailbreak, action scene

Rig responds:

Thanks! Wow, you said the same things I did. Glad we agree.

good song.

this almost sounds like something i would do, with the aception of the aphex twin influenced drums. 5/5 9/10 keep it up man!

Rig responds:

You know what's funny? I've never heard Aphex Twin.
Thanks for the review, though!