Reviews for "Newgrounds Rumble BGM5"


I love the music of the portal
Respect 10/10


hey, this is cool! it sounds like ut2004 a bit^^ what is ng rumble anyway?

Evil-Dog responds:

it's a game obviously...

It's dead and mechanical, yet deep.

I dunno, but this is my favorite BGM within NG Rumble. I drag out the fight as long as i could. it's like Judge Dredd Meets Transformers. Very nice. Hell all of your stuff is great, but to me this stands out the best.

Domo arigato Mr. Roboto... domo domo

I like the whole robotic theme. Did you come up with the whole thing all by yourself. If the answer is yes, you gotta teach me how to make kick ass songs like this.

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah I made this song from scratch at the last minute hehehe
I just tried stuff until a certain theme emerged and then kept adding to it :) thanks for the comment


It's awesome that you got to make all the music for such a good game. This one is my favorite of the bunch. These songs could go to a professional game!