Reviews for "Newgrounds Rumble BGM4"

Newgrounds Portal Music!

YOU rock dude! how do you come up with the music? keep on making them good music, and i hope you are also the media person for if there is Newgrounds Rumble 2!


stop makeing music i can only dream of makeing!!!! lol jking
keep up the good work plus what do you use to make all this stuff with?
plz respond from: night118

Evil-Dog responds:

reason :)

Definetly my favorite BGM

It should have been used in other stuff like ugh... TANKMEN.


no moar epicness plez! but i still want rate 9001/10 and 500/5.
My higher number is... OVER 9000!!!!


sounds like the aftermath of armageddon!!!! doomsday!!!!! maybelmock ummm.........ragnarock!!!!!!!