Reviews for "Newgrounds Rumble BGM4"

brawler style!

This song makes me want to kick someones ass. its cool!

Evil-Dog responds:

As long as it's not my ass :)

Really Cool

Out of all of the Newgrounds Rumble BGM, this one is easily my favorite.

Excellent job with the whole soundtrack though, I really enjoyed the game and the music you made for the game made the experience all the more worthwhile.

Keep up the fantastic work. :)

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks man, I'm glad I could make the soundtrack, it was a cool challenge for me :)

brings memories

Reminds me when I was jumping around Picjino trying to kill him while he had that gaint sword. The sword scraping on the ground added a more "Surprizing" element in the game (or not >__>)

It sounds dark

I like the evil sound it has to it

This =one was just awesome

it did remind of sumthin from Turok but oh well great music and great game