Reviews for "Newgrounds Rumble BGM4"


this is for the newgrounds rumble madness combat theme

this song goes into hank

this song goes into hanks fight against the 1337,the 133t,the clown,and the savior
and everybody else!

It wasn't used?

It saddens me to learn that this great song was apparently never used for the game. It seems to be very appropriate for the "Newgrounds Rumble" game, which I'm a big fan of. It gives off a feeling of depression, like something you'd hear from a really dark game like Warhammer 40K. This also fits the mood of Piconjo well, as was at least used for a cartoon like that. Everyone is done well and seems to sync up good enough. It's a good, dreary feeling with occasionally harder breaks in the music.


sounds like the aftermath of armageddon!!!! doomsday!!!!! maybelmock ummm.........ragnarock!!!!!!!


I was playing NG rumble and I HAD 2 get this on my favorites because it sounds so involving like having to make the ultimate choice or failing forever. Keep it up man.