Reviews for "Thief vs Thief?"

blam this?

either someone has 8BT prejudices, or just dosent like sprite movies.... these are among some of the best out there... (dure beats ''stick figure killing spree'' any day...keep up the good work

It's good

It's good but why does black mage always win...?


Not bad, but i see best movies.Sorry ^^U.

Review Vs Review

The introduction was long and there was no music. Also, the section that talks about how you made the animation should have a 'Skip' button added. It was kind of slow at the beginning. There was lso a typo 'iI'd.' Overall, not bad, but a little more effort could have been put into it, I think.

~ Z

((( DECENT )))

Ok well notbad, i think i seen a few of thease they are ok, kinda entertaining, funny, and just plain amusing this one was abit more detailed then the others, nice work...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: A batlle to the end...