Reviews for "Thief vs Thief?"

what mini-game

Well that was pretty good, quite a bit better than the BM vs RM and Fighter vs BM. Always good to see more 8-bit theatre stuff. Also what mini-game is there, i didn't find one?

Meddros responds:

The coin will tell you the way. Just look for the rolling coin.

Funny mini game!!!!

I love that and the movie to! :P


i its funny how black mage keeps winning i thougt dis was crap when i clicked on the first theif but when i seen the second thiefs story i was in stiches laughin


Sounds were great, and its a great flash movie!
The music is very good too, it was very funny and the Grinfotts Bank was hillarious!!
Those crabs sounds were very good..
Lol.."I teach you to steal"...


Must say, your work always impresses me! About the mini game? Sometimes, fighter getting hit with a boulder is it's own reward. Heh heh.