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Reviews for "Thief vs Thief?"

It's Thief vs. Thief.....

...and yet Black Mage still manages to win. Both animations were funny though the Thief on the rights animation was better than the Thief on the lefts. The easter egg was great even though it was a little predictable (Maybe you should stop using the vs. in between the fighters name as the easter egg, just a thought). Anyways great flash and I hope you make more soon

music was okay but..

was way too quiet.. hard to hear

it was still really good however.

I have noticed that....

In your movies Black-Mage always wins but HEY its not a bad thing =)


Great that was so-so

Keep it up the second is funny but the first was messed up!

Another Solid 8

I love how you bring alot of interaction with the viewer. It's awesome. Keep it up. :)