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Reviews for "Thief vs Thief?"


even after i saw it was lagging up. in both of them.

Pretty good, but...

In all of your "vs." cartoons (except for the imp one) Black Mage always wins in some way, even when he's not involved. It was kinda funny at first, but now it's just getting kind of annoying. He usually wins a fight against enemies in the comic, but has no luck killing his party members, and fails just as, if not more, frequently than the others. The sound rating would have been better if the cartoon had featured voices. Other than that, I liked it.


Good, great, nice, dandy, and other generic compliments. Stealing BM's Hadoken is definately something new, I was grinning like an idiot the whole time. good work.


blackmage won both matches again at least he stopped their talking


I will say, as oftin as i see your submissions, i just seen that you also had a game on this flash too :P Nice ^_^ Keep it up!