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Reviews for "Thief vs Thief?"

Really enjoyable

This was really good. I loved the music, and the cute hidden game with Fighter. You did a great job on the animation, and the plot (if it can be called a plot) is funny. Thanks for the good laughs!


Sounds were great, and its a great flash movie!
The music is very good too, it was very funny and the Grinfotts Bank was hillarious!!
Those crabs sounds were very good..
Lol.."I teach you to steal"...

Stealing Contest.... LOL!

Originallity at its best right there, that was pretty funny! Extra points in Style and Humour. Well deserved 5/5.

I feel sorry for Black Mage in the end. I also

thought it was funny when he beat up Fighter in the second ending.

i like it

i think that the animation was funny. at least you didn't get the same 2 movies. and the game was fun lol. for the most part it was a good flash.