Reviews for "StereoTactik's DnB Tutorial!"


dat wuz so secksy! yoo need 2 make me a trance masterclass and also I would need to know how to make the best techno beets 2!

You could probly sell this on ebay if you could put it ona dvd and you will be rich.

you are my DnB hero !

bythe way, I didnt want to ask in the forums cuz they will make fun of me but i didnt no wut DnB actually stands 4 so could you PM it to me plz? I think its Dirty Nasty Breaks but I might be wrong. I dont want to look all stoopid and stuff for the AF regulers and i think they will make fun of me if I dont know what it means.

also where can i get that amen brake you used cuz I hear it and I want to use it a lot for stuff but I cant ever use google. Can you email it?


StereoTactik responds:

Wel ell jay i am very glad you lerned from mine's tutorial. i wud be glad 2 maek a tekcno tutorial for the poepl who meak tranc and stuf but honsetly i are no tvery good at taht stuf.
about wot dnb stands fur, im acshuly reserching the kweshun rite now on wikapeda. i wil pm u wen i figger it out.
wel i wud certenyl send u the amen brake but teh problm is i dont has email. i wil pm it 2 u thou.

thakns for leikin my tutorial i hop u lerned good form it.


NAO I CAN B THA DNB MASTAAA. u must b as almost as good as dimrain, i mean may b bettr if u didnt sound liek some 2 yr old fag. really gentle, you know? =P

how old are you?

you sound like your 6 or 7 lol

StereoTactik responds:

shut the fuck up you fuycking whoer im 18

Nice TUT

I dont use reason but what you have here is great!

StereoTactik responds:


I liek piezzz

You only have one song that's good and that's Believe. When r gonna do something better'?

I also like pie!!!!!!!!