Reviews for "Event Horizon"

So cool!

BlueNexus responds:

Thank you!

that combined drum beat is cool man!

I find the overall melody is a bit low in volume though, had to turn this up a little bit, I think its mixing could use a bit of work - I like the phased wind effects you got going on.

The slow down effect really does help to break up the mood when it is starting to just feel a bit repetitive. Good job with using the same melody but using different elements throughout to keep it interesting :)

The gong gong gong gong kick bass sound was a bit odd I must admit - honestly I think if this song was just polished up a little it would really shine! Imo you should have a powerful B0UNC3 like kick to pair with it sidechained so it really punches.

I like the piano ending to cement the melody :)

good job overall :)

-shawn (Chronamut)-

BlueNexus responds:

Thanks a lot! Your feedback is extremely appreciated and it is gonna be put to use.

The general mixing is pretty muddy. Too much reverb maybe. I'm looking forward for more from you

BlueNexus responds:

Thank you for your feedback! I do agree with you, the mixing is pretty muddy at some parts. It probably is the reverb. I will look into it!

I find the track good, some parts have weird mixing though, and i think you can make the kick on the Hardstyle drop juicier to make it sound more like a Hardstyle track. I rate a good 4. Good track nonetheless!

BlueNexus responds:

Thank you! I do agree with everything you said. I'm working towards getting better at mixing in general. Your feedback is appreciated!

I'm a little biased, but still, you did a great job on this! I'd definitely say that you're getting better with practice. Keep it up!

BlueNexus responds:

Thanks! I am trying my best to improve.