Reviews for "Event Horizon"

This was quite a fun song. I really enjoyed it. This is the first song of yours that I have ever listened to and I'm liking what I hear. Will definitely follow you and see what you have in store. Good work



BlueNexus responds:

Thanks a lot! New songs will be released in the future. I appreciate the interest you took in my work!

Very nice

So you have some nice sound here this starts off slow and builds up seems like you could have some faster tempo build ups but what you did have was some intense sound and I really liked it very nice flavour about it and was a pretty good size too so nice job here.

possbly some faster tempo build ups.


BlueNexus responds:

Noted. Thanks for the feedback!

Good 👍

best improve the hardstyle. overall, drumnbass is good

BlueNexus responds:

Thank you for the feedback!

Don't listen to the other negative reviews!! Drum and Bass tempo is perfect... Love the DnB part A LOT!! 5 STARS ;)

BlueNexus responds:

Thank you! Although, in my opinion, the tempo is fine I do respect their point of view.