Reviews for "Throwback"


Welcome back! You music is good! Your music looks like a collab between you and Xtrullor.


nice job!

The melody is great at the first intro, and I like how you now try to make drops without copy-pasting the same bar.

I do have some criticism tho.

The first drop and intro don't feel connected. You could've used the bass a bit in the buildup and it will be more acceptable.

The second intro just feels too long and empty. There is an arp, drums, and synth sounds, but it misses a main lead. If it only exists to be a transition between the 2 drops, you should make it shorter (2 bars instead of 4). If its meant to be like the first intro, you can add another instrument in the third bar.

I really don't like the change in bpm, I think a song should have the tempo set to one number that doesn't change in the middle of it. But that's just my opinion.

Overall, its a good song but I have some problems with it. I'm glad that you are back, and will wait to see what you will make next :)