Reviews for "Open and Vulnerable"


Great to hear some clean vocals around here. And female, nonetheless. Very nice job on this.
Few points where you were off tone, but meh..we aren't professionals. But that was pretty damn close sounding. Awesome shit.

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This was a totally refreshing song, really different from all the rest out there. navij is right, though, the guitar is sometimes out of place. But still great to listen to nonetheless.


This is great. I'm just one min. into the song as i'm writing this, but It sounds great so far. the vocals should be louder compared to the guitar, but otherwise, i can't think of any comments. great job.

Damn this is good!

Niiice tone! The chord sequence fit together pretty sweetly ;D

The singing was good, nice voice, but a couple of times you sounded a bit out (but then again, I can't exactly say much XD)

Very nice, I enjoyed this :D

Has potential

Some tips:
- Keep it the way it is. If NG doesn't like emo... then let them be.
- If you recorded the tracks differently, you can polish it up by applying some compression onto your voice (maybe medium compression will do) and add some treble on the EQ.
- Sing a little clearer; there were parts that I didn't immediately understand.

Otherwise, it's nice stumbling upon this track. :)