Reviews for "F-777 - Inferno (Pyro's Theme)"

Dang this hardcore! I love it!

omg dude... you alwayys make super good musics :)

This Slaps Hard!

Hello. My first comment. I'm literally blasting my ears of and I'm going to go deaf from listening to these songs. But hey, at least the last things I hear are the best things I'll ever hear of have heard.

Absolutely fantastrillioc super duper amazing song. I have nothing else. I'm bad at speaking and if my mind were to be read someone would probably be lost forever
Just bear with me...

Your songs are amazing! Keep up the good work!
I had other stuff but I forgot them.
Just bear with me...

Polar bear.

Please tell if I'm breaking rules. I'll try to fix them.

Dude, listening to your old music is so relaxing. It's like a throwback Thursday, but I can access it any day. I find it easier to study too. Keep making great music!